Coalition plans to oust Netanyahu facing challenges as time is running out bn.jpg?h=199d8c1f&itok=3s52j59o

What appeared just days ago to be a deal to form a coalition government in Israel that would have ended Benjamin Netanyahu’s reign as prime minister, is now in question as squabbles among the parties have surfaced. 

So far, only one agreement between two of the parties has been signed, with seven more needing to be signed by Friday afternoon in Israel, in advance of the final vote in the Knesset on Sunday. If they are not successful, it could set up the fifth election in Israel in a little over two years. 

Netanyahu called the attempt by the coalition to oust him “the biggest election fraud in the history of the state and I think in the history of democracies.”

Netanyahu’s associates, according to the Jerusalem Post, “singled out a report on CNN comparing Netanyahu’s statements to those of his friend, former US President Donald Trump.”

“When Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks about ‘election fraud,’ he isn’t referring to the vote-counting process in Israel in which he has complete confidence,” the Likud party tweeted out. “There is also no question about the peaceful transition of power. There always has been a peaceful transfer of power in Israel and there always will be.”

They added that “contrary to the manner in which his statements have been distorted, Netanyahu is denouncing the fraudulent promises to voters made by Naftali Bennett, who is key to forming this government.”

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