Supersonic aircraft tracked off Hillcrest coincided with mysterious ' skyquake'

There are strong signs that a mysterious boom noticed in and around San Diego was from the supersonic aircraft on a teaching mission off the coast.

Residents associated with San Diego County in Southern California, as well as other nearby locations, heard and felt one or more loud boom late recently. The U. S. Geological Survey did not detect any kind of earthquake activity at the time of this particular incident, which occurred with around 8: 20 EVENING local time on 06 8th, 2021, and that a few are referring to as an inch skyquake . ” You will find strong indications that this has been a sonic growth and airline flight tracking data available online will show an unidentified airplane flying at supersonic rates of speed off the coast inside a general area that regularly hosting companies military training exercises , among other army aviation activity , on around the same time. The U. S. Navy supercarrier was also training in the area last night.

The San Diego Union-Tribune has documented that people had been talking about hearing and sensation the boom in locations as far east as Este Cajon, a city within San Diego County, around seventeen miles inland from the Pacific cycles coastline, and as far because south as Tijuana, approximately the border in South america. KMFB-TV , a local CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS affiliate within San Diego, said that the Oughout. S. Geological Survey (USGS) had recorded a small earthquake , which is not really common in the region, at about 5: 37 PM nearby time, but nothing at about 8: 20 PM.

ADS-B Exchange ADS-B Exchange

Online flight tracking software program recorded the following route, that was taken by an aircraft soaring at supersonic speeds throughout the time of the reported “skyquake” on June 8, 2021. The dashed line observed heading off toward the northeast is actually a gap in the information and connects to an not related track in France.

Sonic booms are hardly unheard of in the region. There are a number of official U. S. military check and training areas off the coast of Hillcrest, as well as further to the northern toward Los Angeles, where fast-flying fighter jets often function and where high-speed trip testing, including associated with hypersonic vehicles , happened in the past.  

The Navy, in particular, furthermore regularly conducts training in areas of the Pacific just from the coast of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula . This consists of workups for airplane carrier strike groups , including their air wings, ahead of deployments. In addition to the jet fighter jets flying from these carriers’ decks, these exercises may involve contractor-operated and army “red air” aggressor aircraft that are also capable of striking supersonic speeds. This usually includes these adversaries flying supersonic profiles meant to simulate inbound cruise missiles.

It’s certainly important to furthermore note that the Nimitz course carrier USS Carl Vinson was operating in the area the other day. The ship had remaining San Diego two days earlier plus returned off the coast nowadays.

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