UAP or UFO no matter how you say it, they have screamed into the mainstream consciousness as of late.

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Australia’s own UFO cover-up uncovered in 7NEWS Spotlight analysis

UFOs are a hot topic right now.The Pentagon recently confirming a UFO video from 2019 was filmed aboard a Navy warship and a number of US government agencies set to deliver unclassified reports on UFOs to Congress next month.But Australia has thousands of its own UFO sighting reports dating back decades, including hovering flying saucers and giant black triangles.But there’s one incident from the 1960s that Australian Government officials have tried to cover-up, even going as far as threatening civilian witnesses.The bombshell revelations are uncovered by investigative reporter Ross Coulthart in the 7NEWS Spotlight special The Phenomenon.The Westall incidentin 1966, Westall High School was a college of about 600 pupils in Melbourne’s southwest.On April 6, 200 staff, students and residents witnessed ‘metallic discs’ or ‘flying saucers’ over a local football field.Andrew Greenwood is one of those witnesses and a former schoolteacher.For the first time, he’s allowed himself to be identified to tell his story.Andrew Greenwood. Credit:

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