What's the Big Deal? The Pentagon Admitted UFOs were

Much of the media and the government are acting as if the UFO phenomenon started in 2004. Therefore, the idea that the objects that have been observed by Naval pilots might be manmade technology of some sort actually seems believable to some people. In 1947, General Nathan Twining circulated a classified memo (later released under the Freedom of Information Act) stating that “the phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious.” He went on to describe “extreme rates of climb” and other characteristics that precisely match the recorded capabilities of the objects in the released Naval footage. So, if an earthly foreign power has such craft now, then they also had them in 1947.

General Twining was Chief of Staff of the Air Force from 1953 until 1957, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1957 to 1960. Even though the public was being carefully taught to laugh at UFOs at that time, as was still true until recently, the fact that he’d written that memo in 1947 doesn’t seem to have hurt his career at all. And yet, in the same year, Project Sign was started, which later became Project Blue Book. The purpose of these projects was to make a public show of investigating the phenomenon, while eventually debunking the whole thing, as was done with the Report on Project Blue Book was released in 1969.

The truth is known now, just as it was in 1969 and 1947, as General Arthur Exon, who was a witness to the Roswell debris and biological materials that were transported to Wright Field in July of 1947, told me in 1988, “Everyone from Truman on down knew that what we had found was not of this world within twenty-four hours of our finding it.”

And people wonder why conspiracy theories like Q-Anon are so popular. The reason is simple: THE GOVERNMENT LIES AND PEOPLE KNOW IT. As they have no baseline of truth except that they cannot trust their own government, they fall easy prey to any unproven claim that happens along.

And yet, the show goes on, it would seem. The Pentagon, according to press reports, is saying that the objects in the tapes that have been released starting in 2017 don’t originate with aliens, and is hinting that they may be of foreign origin.

As there is no question of the authenticity of the Twining Memo, that would mean that craft that defy gravity, can disappear at will, can exceed the speed of sound without generating a sonic boom and can do all of the other things that have been observed FROM THE 1940s ON, actually belong to another country such as Russia or China. Or perhaps they’re secret Nazi craft flying out of Antarctica, or even the creations of some obscure genius from, say, Lapland.

The problem is that, in all this time, they have not made the slightest effort to do anything in furtherance of the interests of ANY earthly power–except the common man. All they have done is create the theater in the sky that has become a fixture of modern life, shadow both Russian and American military craft, and threaten the nuclear weapons facilities of both countries. And–and this will have to be faced, too, at some point–entities apparently associated with them haven’t just crept into people’s bedrooms in the night, they have, at this point, established complex ongoing relationships with many of them. They have left a clear message with these people: your planet is in trouble and you need to rebalance its ecosystems if you are going to survive. In other words, they have a motive: they don’t want nuclear war and they do want a stable environment. In other words, their motive is that they want us to survive.

This looks nothing like the policy of China, the world’s biggest polluter, or Russia, a loopy kleptocracy that can hardly even be thought of as a coherent state, or the United States government, which has become so entangled in lies that is barely recognizable as an institution that was founded to be “for the people.” They lie for one reason: these things are not just real, something that appears to come out of them is ending up in our bedrooms in the middle of the night and doing things that we don’t understand but that are difficult and provocative, and they can’t do a single thing about it. They would prefer to conceal their helplessness than admit that they cannot fulfill the most basic responsibility of any government, which is to protect the people that it serves. (And don’t think that they will be able to do this with any sort of “space force” and exotic weapons.

We the people certainly do not want them going out into space on our behalf and shooting at aliens that they claim don’t even exist, then leaving us to face them in the middle of the night. And this is exactly what will happen, believe me. The presence that is here, whether aliens or something else, has breathtaking power and extraordinary authority. It is not going to be “defeated,” if that is even an appropriate word to use, by a power that flies jets and, at best, can deploy a few exotic weapons in space.

And what if they’re on our side? What if all the abductions and such are in support of our survival, and we don’t understand them any more than a terrified dog understands that the vet who is jabbing a needle into him is actually saving his life.

So far, the media has been eager to give space to scary stories and absurd stories. They are still, in some quarters, still trying to use old-fashioned denial tactics, as witness the pitiful attempt made by ABC News in the June 4 edition of their broadcast.

One scientific “authority” has even explained that they’re birds that are actually flying far slower than it appears. Apparently he is not aware of the fact that targeting radars carry extremely sensitive detectors that can measure speed to the hundredths of a kilometer. They have to, or the missiles they are guiding are going to miss. Another has dismissed the videos as “reflections on cockpit windows.” But we can safely ignore those clowns, I would think. All but the most credulous media will dismiss such puerile claims.

If the blatantly absurd idea that the objects might be the possessions of an earthly foreign power is going to become the new official position of the government, the academy and the media, then they are going to collectively lose what shreds of credibility they still have with the public.

Of course, some–hopefully not much–of the media is likely to run with such a story. They’ve been laughing at UFOs and witnesses from the beginning. They don’t want to be shown to be wrong. Similarly, scientists are going to see their entire model of reality blow up in their faces. Many of them would rather see their paradigm be preserved than face the truth, and you may be sure that they will make every effort to destroy colleagues who dare to do so, just as they did Dr. John Mack and others. These people are not the inheritors of Galileo. Far from it, they are the inheritors of Cardinal Bellamine, his chief inquisitor.

There is one thing that is new, and that might persist: the public, some and maybe even most of the media, and many scientists and academics are simply fed up with the endless lies.

I think that the backlash against this latest attempt to twist the truth into a pretzel of falsehoods is going to be far greater than the Department of Defense realizes. People have had it. Period.

It’s time that the truth be admitted: we don’t know what the UFO/UAP phenomenon is, but we DO know that it is not the result of operations by any conventional earthly power.

That’s the truth. Now, for the tricky bit–it’s time to start seriously exploring, at every level of society, from the kitchen table to the university laboratory to the halls of congress and the White House, and every other relevant social institution on Earth, our religious authorities included, the reality of this enigma.

Somebody is here. It is not us. Where they are from we do not know and we have never known. Whether they are aliens or an earthly power that is completely beyond the understanding of ANY national government, or something even stranger, we do not know.

It is time for the authorities to grow up. In doing so, they would finally catch up with the public: we already have.

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