Later on Biden lied about their involvement in Hunter’s Ukrainian affairs

Through the president campaign, Joe Biden has been clear: his son Hunter’s affairs in Ukraine had been his own business and Biden had nothing to do with all of them.     Like Sergeant Schultz, he knew  nothing .     Even when one of Hunter’s outdated partners, Tony Bobulinski, mentioned Biden was absolutely associated with Hunter’s China business matters, Biden continued to refuse involvement.     Nevertheless , emails from Hunter’s empty computer show that, whilst Biden was vice leader, he met the whole Ruskies and Ukraine cabal for lunch.

Within September 2019, the Democrats, as part of their endless attempts to oust Trump, billed that he committed an impeachable offense during the call.     This faked cost stemmed from Trump requesting Ukraine’s president to investigate Seeker Biden’s involvement with Burisma, which may have led to Biden extorting the new Ukraine authorities by threatening to hold back badly needed funds if this didn’t fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma.     By attacking Trump, Democrats were desperately trying to change attention from the fact that Biden is one of the most corrupt political figures in American political background, who used his drug-addled, debauched son as a channel for payments from international governments.

All through all this, Biden was unquestionably clear: Hunter’s business had not been Joe’s business.     In 2019, when mentioned his involvement with Hunter’s affairs in Ukraine, May well was emphatic.     “I have never spoken to a son about his abroad business doings. ”

Just a few a few months later, Joe was again with the same narrative:

Whilst we all suspected that this was obviously a lie, we didn’t possess the proof.     The very fact that  Tony a2z Bobulinski said Joe has been involved   along with Hunter’s Chinese affairs (which happened after Biden remaining the White House) did not prove that he was also associated with Hunter’s Ukraine affairs.

Now, even though, we have the proof.     A series of emails through Hunter Biden’s ever useful laptop show Hunter  arranging an Apr 15, 2015 dinner conference   between their dad (who was after that vice president), on the one hand, plus, on the other hand, Hunter’s Ukrainian, Ruskies, and Kazakh  business companions:

Later on Biden   fulfilled with his son’s Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstani business associates whilst vice president, emails display.

Hunter Biden   wrote to a buddy before the 2015 Washington  DC   dinner that it was ‘ostensibly to talk about food security’, but was actually an opportunity to introduce his prospective clients and partners to their powerful father.


A guest list Seeker prepared for the dinner in the private ‘Garden Room’ from Georgetown’s Café Milano integrated corrupt, late former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkovhis spouse Russian billionaire Yelena Baturina, and a Mexican ambassador.

The  Daily Mail  story offers all the details,   along with pictures of the email messages .     These pictures are the ones that will specifically make it clear that outdated Joe was deeply included — and I’ve pointed out the relevant language:

This dinner took place over a year following the U. S. Treasury got flagged something suspicious in regards to the $3. 5 million that will Baturina had sent to Rosement Seneca.     And it also took place 11 months just before Joe Biden told Ukraine he wouldn’t release guaranteed American dollars unless the federal government fired the prosecutor looking into corruption at Burisma.

I believe that the specialized term for Biden is usually “liar, liar, pants burning down. ”    He is an obsessive liar and a corrupt guy, and he seems determined to damage America from within.

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