What’s Under your Umbrella… Antifa?

“Umbrella guns are by no means the only type of disguised weapons used. “

Man has attempted to disguise firearms into just about everything you can possibly imagine,” says David H. Fink, a collector in Georgia who has written about disguised guns for the American Society of Arms Collectors.

Guns have been hidden in pillboxes, a scribe’s casing, a flute, a pencil, a Pepsi can. There have been pocket-watch guns, ring guns, bike-pump guns, and lipstick guns.”

One of the most well known umbrella guns is called a Bulgarian Umbrella. This umbrella comes with a hidden pneumatic mechanism which injects a small poisonous pellet containing ricin. It has a hollowed stalk in which the pellet neatly sits. It feels like a light pinch when you’re hit and within several days, you die.

We have seen that ANTIFA will stop at nothing to get their point across. We have seen them at their protests building umbrella walls. We have videos of them pulling supplies out of preloaded Uhaul’s. Is there someone providing them with these weapon umbrellas? As we move into these uncertain times, and you choose a side to stand up for, make sure that you are aware of your surroundings.

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